Sunday, July 29, 2018

Jacques Saint Germain - Part 2

Scouring through New Orleans newspapers using resulted in finding nothing regarding Jacques Saint Germain.  I found nothing about a woman leaping from second floor balcony on Royal Street.  I also could not find a published police report about the women killed in 1933.

I did find an advert for the storefront at 1039 Royal Street; the residence is at 1041 Royal Street. The advert (click to enlarge it) comes from:
The Times-Democrat (New Orleans, Louisiana) · 12 May 1901, Sun · Page 18

Obviously, you could buy Queen Freezers from A.J. Bessec in May 1901.  This seems like pointless information.


I took a break from scouring newspapers to scroll through google searches.  There are a few minor differences in stories - some say that he showed up in 1902, others say 1904, etc.  Nearly everyone says that there are still sightings and attacks carried out by Jacques Saint Germain aka "Vampire Jack".  It's supposed to be one thing that inspired Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's Count St. Germain novels.

Side Note: If you haven't read any of the novels, you should start with the first one Hotel Transylvania.  I liked it.


One thing I have an issue with is the lack of details in the stories about Jacques Saint Germain.  We don't have any names of any people that he mingled with and we don't have any specific dates.  We just have this regurgitated legend.

With the previous blog post (HERE) you'll notice that I found some books written by Jacques Saint Germain.  I was actually hoping to find a book just on the legend of "Vampire Jack", but these other books came up instead.  The oldest one I could find is from December 31, 1938.  The topics of the books are all on topics that the Count would of had knowledge of or interest in, such as: 18th century France, industrialization in France, and entertaining.  I cannot find any records or photos of Jacques Saint Germain (the author) via or google or  Autographed copies of books were ordered for the purpose of comparing the handwriting with the Count's.  You can find a list of Jacques Saint Germain's books on the Timeline.


Books about Vampire Jack:

Woywod Crandle, Marita.  New Orleans Vampires: History and Legend.  Arcadia Publishing, 2017.

Are there really no books dedicated to this guy?  I'm barely finding anything.

------------------------------- definitely expect Part 3.

If you come across anything that you think may be of interest, send me an email or leave a comment below.   I'm looking for illustrations, paintings, photos, or other media about Jacques Saint-Germain.  I am also looking for news articles -- which I am not finding.  Has anyone had any sightings recently of Vampire Jack?

Also, I'm thinking about setting something up on Facebook -- like a facebook group or something.  I get a handful of emails each month, usually with info that I already know about, so I guess there is some interest out there.  If you are interested in joining a FB group (if I start one), please let me know in the comments.


  1. I'd be hugely interested in joining a Facebook group on this topic and contributing what I can.


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