Saturday, January 21, 2017

Part 2 - Count Saint Germain podcast

Astonishing Legends podcast: "The Count of Saint Germain", episode 59
January 20, 2017

"The Count of Saint Germain" Podcast

Blurb: If you wished you could do all the things the Count of Saint Germain could do, meet all the people he had met, and learn all the secrets of life he seemed to possess, and on top of it all, have several lifetimes to employ your skills, what then? The question is, what would you do with these gifts? Would you be content to merely be the life of the party, or would you try and make a difference in the affairs of nations and enlighten humanity, even if it cost you your freedom or your once immortal life? Depending on your answer, the bigger question might be, does it take the right person to seek the mysteries, or do the mysteries seek the right person?

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  1. I just got done listening to all three parts of this podcast. I had never heard of the Count before this and I am totally fascinated. Thanks for your contribution to the podcast - I was blown away by how well you have researched this topic. Thanks for giving me a new obsession.